I'm lovin' it

I'm lovin' it


Fresh ingredients raised with care and effort of everyone
make up a delicious McDonald’s burger.

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Who We Are

Number one food service company

McDonald's, as the world's top food service enterprise,
remains fully committed to becoming 'our customers'
favorite place and way to eat by providing them
with better experiences.

  • 34,000 restaurants in 199 countries
    Around the globe
  • Provides 69 million customers
    Quality products and services every day

Our Purpose

The place where you meet changes,
and the place where you make changes.

As the leading global foodservice retailer,
we believe it’s our responsibility to make
our impact on this world a positive one.

  • Our Planet
  • Community Connection
  • Jobs, Inclusion & Empowerment

Quality Stoty

processing based on a strict
standard to prepare

We have a long-standing commitment
to serve safe and quality food to customers
in every single market, each and every day.

  • step 1 Raw materials preparation and processing
  • step 2 Ingredients storage to delivery
  • step 3 Restaurants' commitment
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    New Menus

    Snack Wrap

    Spicy chicken and sweet white
    mayonnaise sauce for a sweet & spicy taste.
    Chewy with bacon, lettuce and tortilla!

    Most popular Menus

    Big Mac BLT

    100% pure beef patty with fresh tomatoes
    and bacon to make it even more special!

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      Discover our delicious menu featuring a wide
      selection of sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more.

      That are even tastier as our kitchens starts to prepare them once you have ordered.

      • Burger

      • Breakfast

      • Beverages

      • Side

      • McCafe

      • Happy Meal

      The best way home is past the McDrive


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